Software Engineering Intern

June, 2019 - August, 2019
WeWork, San Francisco
  • Devised an algorithm in Go for comparison of spatial geometry of rooms to maintain a stable database between new updates of data.
  • Fine-tuned a threshold to give rooms a more human definition, i.e., included cases with slight shifts in walls, beams or room placement.
  • Optimized the algorithm using goroutines after tracing using jaeger to reduce match time per room. For an average of 50 rooms per floor, and thus ~2500 comparisons per floor, optimizations brought down the average time by half from 60ms to 30ms.

Backend Intern

January, 2019 - June, 2019
Stylify, Los Angeles
  • Integrating a Pinterest and Instagram login to the Stylify website using Python, which is a product that picks up your style preferences from your social media and recommends clothes
  • Used Hive in AWS’ Elastic MapReduce to implement an efficient search for products by partitioning the table based on filters like color, clothing type, price range, etc.. and worked with multiple AWS technologies to move data through different AWS structures.

Stack Developer

September, 2019 - present
The Stack, Los Angeles
  • Develop stories related to student-related issues and use data to offer analysis and visualizations.
  • Also developed several tools and methods to improve the organization’s efficiency, like automated workflows and documentation processes.
  • Visualizations include interactive choropleth maps using QGIS software or Javascript libraries like Leaflet, and other interactive charts using ChartJS.
  • Pieces also include data analysis using Python libraries like pandas and numpy, and other componenets developed for the web like a cost calculator made using Javascript to help students estimate their true price of college.

Web Developer

April, 2019 - June, 2019
The Daily Bruin (External Sites), Los Angeles

Create and deploy interactive or flat pages and every week as part of Daily Bruin’s External Sites team for UCLA events like Spring Sing, UCLA’s volleyball tournament, etc. or for Daily Bruin articles using React, Gatsby, and Typescript.


ChartJS-UI - A tool to create responsive and interactive charts using ChartJS with a web app that lets you enter a dataset and produces an interactive chart, and a developer version that offers command line tools for more advanced options. Developed initially as an in-house tool for The Stack, UCLA's online data journalism website, with the goal to eventually be an open-source tool available to all
Squad (Best Use of HERE API) - Developed a web app that connects you with registered callers nearby in case of an emergency or for support if you are walking alone, or it lets you call the closest police station - Location data captured using jQuery, phone calls routed using Twilio’s API and closest match found using HERE API with backend logic implemented in Python and deployed locally using Flask.
ElmoBot - Developed a chatbot that matches you to the movie character you are most like using IBM Watson’s Assistant API, Personality Insights API and IBM Cloudant in Python - Scraped thousands of movie scripts, separated each character’s dialogue and fed to the Personality Insights API. Similarly, generated Personality Insights using user conversation with the chatbot - Wrote a least squares algorithm to match the movie personality user is most similar to
Focusbunny - Developed the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap and integrated a Stripe payment portal (site is live at focusbunny.com) for a startup (fidget spinner with a pen for better focus) - Developed a logo, design and illustrations for the page, created the site map and a wireframe and optimized search engine results
Grocers, LA Hacks - Developed the front-end of a web app that generates a QR code for a user that is scanned at a grocery store checkout and which auto-generates a shopping list by predicting when you will run out of items and suggesting new recipes - Designed a logo, used jQuery to generate QR codes and used an API from Yummly to suggest recipes.

Data Journalism and Writing

  • Visualizing Los Angeles Hospitals, and Simulating COVID-19 on an Unprotected UCLA
  • Writer/Developer
    Developed story that maps hospitals in LA with information about the number of hospital beds and a chart projected into the future to estimate how the spread of COVID-19 within the UCLA community (if it opened up) would impact the local hospital capacity
  • School's Out, Zoom's In - Analysis of College Response to COVID-19
  • Writer/Developer
    Developer a bar chart race shwoing the explosion of cases in the surrounding county of each college, with annotations for school's response events like switching to online instruction, postponing graduation, etc.
  • Map of Westwood Businesses Operating During COVID-19
  • Developer
    Scraped information about local businesses and plotted on map using Leaflet
  • Analysis of Presidential Candidates Using Their Twitter
  • Developer
    Scraped twitter feeds of all US Presidential Candidates, and generated Personality Insights using IBM Watson's Personality Insights API. Also developed interactive bubble and bar charts using ChartJS, along with front-end component to display information about personality traits and keywords most frequently used by candidates
  • Hidden Costs of Being a College Student
  • Writer/Developer
    Estimated different costs of being a student based on what state or country you're from, and your living preferences. Created interactive map using Leaflet to show distribution of college expenses, a customized cost calculator in Javascript and interactive bar charts using ChartJS
  • Visualization on Crime in Los Angeles
  • Writer/Developer
    Worked with a dataset about crime in LA to derive meaningful insights and present a Medium post. Used Python libraries like pandas and matplotlib to describe factors that make you more likely to get arrested, including time, age, location and gender with highest frequency of arrests and a heatmap describing spread of crime created using ggplot in R. 
  • Oil and Gas Extraction and the Effects on Public Schools in Los Angeles
  • Writer/Developer
    Used QGIS to plot public schools and oil wells and create buffers of overlapping regions. Also  created a choropleth map showing correlation between income distribution and the likelihood of a school being near an oil well 
  • The Fountainhead Essay Contest
  • Semi-Finalist
    Selected among the top 100 semifinalists with about 2000 applicants for writing an essay about the political and economic philosophies discussed in Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”.
  • The Global Times
  • Writer/Developer
    Won honors most notably as “Best Editor” and “Best Story” among 200 vying contenders from 10 schools. Responsibilities, apart from writing, developing paginations and brainstorming with writers, included tracking and editing other writers’ articles on my team, and working for shorter-term and more fast-paced MUN newsletters. Interviewed visiting guests at the school including the ambassadors of several countries, an army chief and the health minister of India.

    Skills & Proficiency

    C++, Python, Golang, C

    HTML, CSS, Javascript/Typescript

    Linux/Bash, Git, Shell Scripting, GDB, Vim, QGIS